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Burleigh Shotokan Karate Club


Established in 2005, the club offers training in Shotokan Karate-Do enpompassing elements of Kata Bunkai (self-defence) by a team of dedicated and professional instructors, the BurleighSKC incorporates two clubs, BSKC and the Tiny Tiger Club which combined caters for all ages from 5 years upwards.

BSKC Students

BSKC students range from children (8yrs+) to mature adults, classes consist of training in the traditional shotokan karate-do of karate incorporating, self-defence, kata application (bunkai) with regular in-house kumite and kata nights.

Tiny Tiger Students

Tiny Tiger classes cater for children between 5 & 7 years of age, All club instructors hold certification in ‘Safeguarding Children’, ‘First Aid’ and are DBS checked, with full liability insurance


Our club is affiliated with the ‘United Kingdom Traditional Karate Federation’ which has Sensei Masao Kawasoe (7th Dan) as Association Head, Sensei Kawasoe is our grading examiner both locally and at his club in London.


Mark Kupsz

Mark Kupsz started karate in 1971, he is the founder and current Chief Instructor at Burleigh Shotokan Karate Club.

All club instructors are



Fully insured

DBS checked

Child Safety

Every class has a qualified first aid person present

David Lloyd

David Lloyd joined BSKC in 2011, Dave was awarded his 1st Dan (Sho Dan) in 2015 and his 2nd Dan (Ni Dan) in 2017.

Family or Friends Group?

Learn Shotokan Karate-Do as a group with our family & friends group discounts package.

Burleigh Shotokan Karate Club

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