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Burleigh Shotokan Karate Club

Do you want to get and keep fit?

Learn Shotokan Karate-Do from as little as £4 per lesson.

Club Training Fee’s

Young and older students learn in different ways, consequently we run two, age specific clubs. Young children attend our ‘Tiny Tigers Club’  whilst those aged 8 or older attend our ‘BSKC’ club.

Each club has it’s own training schedule, class length, pricing and exam system.

On completion of the course students can become full members of the club by purchasing the following items and opting into the fixed payment system

  • Karate Gi suit (£15 – £30)
  • Club badge (£5)
  • DVD training guide (£5)
  • Record book & yearly licence (£32)

Once a student has either completed the 10 lesson beginners course, or has satisfactory demonstrated their previous Karate experience, to become a full member of the BSKC they must agree to purchase the following items and opt into the fixed payment system.

  • Karate suit (£15 – £30)
  • Club badge (£5)
  • DVD training guide (£5)
  • Record book & yearly licences (£32)

You pay per lesson for the first month, thereafter you are requested to purchase sets of lesson credits, 10 for £40.

At this time you will also be asked to purchase the following items

  • Karate suit, belt and badge (£20 – £25)
  • Tiny Tigers CD Training Guide (£5)

Club Training Times

In order to achieve a decent standard of performance and to be eligible to attempt rank promotions it is important that students train regularly. Ideally students should commit to training TWICE a week.

Grading exams are held at regular intervals and as such, students become eligible to grade for there next belt as and when they have attended the minimum amount of lessons required for that belt.

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