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Burleigh Shotokan Karate Club

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Learn Shotokan Karate-Do from as little as £4 per lesson.

Club Training Fee’s

Young and older students learn in different ways, consequently we run two, age specific clubs. Young children attend our ‘Tiny Tigers Club’  whilst those aged 8 or older attend our ‘BSKC’ club. Each club has it’s own training schedule, class length, pricing and exam system.

NEW Training fee’s
From the 1st February we are introducing a new Continuous Monthly Payment Plan rate of £25.00 for BSKC students & £20.00 for Tiny Tiger students who pay via Standing Order or in cash on the first training day of the month, for students who wish to continue to pay per lesson then the prices remain the same, please see the price box’s on this page for more details.

  • BSKC £25.00 Continuous Monthly Payment Plan ( max 2 lessons per week ) for Standing Order and monthly cash students.
  • Tiny Tigers £20.00 Continuous Monthly Payment Plan ( max 2 lessons per week ) for Standing Order and monthly cash students.
  • BSKC £5.00 & Tiny Tiger £4.00 per lesson for Per Lesson Plan students.

Our reduction in class fee’s for monthly payers gives them the opportunity to save money and allow them the possibility to train twice a week, these are the benefits for students committing to a continuous Monthly Payment Plan with the BurleighSKC, Continuous Monthly Payment Plans are none-refundable.

Students who still wish to pay on a per lesson basis, will be charged the same rates as before, all we can do is to encourage you to take out a Monthly Payment Plan if you currently paying more than £25.00 per month.

Monthly Payment Plan
The BuleighSKC Monthly Payment Plan is a continuous monthly payment plan for the duration of the students membership or until they opt out of the plan, once the plan has been cancelled, students are automatically charged for lessons on a Per Lesson Plan which is significantly more expensive if you attend more than 5 lessons a month. The purpose of the Monthly Payment Plan affords students the chance to train twice a week due to the reduced price per lesson, however it’s like a gym membership where you have to pay this amount each month in order to continue to receive these rates, which also helps the club to provide more and better services to it’s students.

Once a new student has either completed 10 lessons, or has satisfactory demonstrated their previous Karate experience and wish to become a full member of the BSKC Club, they encouraged to opt into our Monthly Payment Plan (none-refundable), or can continue paying £5 per lesson with our Per Lesson Plan, full members are required to purchase the following items.

  • Karate suit/Belt & Badge (£20 – £35)
  • Record book & yearly licences (£32)

Once a student has completed 10 lessons, they have the option of becoming a full member of the Tiny Tigers Club at which point we encourage them to opt into our £20 per Monthly Payment Plan (none-refundable), or they can continue to pay £4 a lesson on our Per Lesson Plan, full members are required to purchase the items below.

  • Karate suit, belt and badge (£20 – £25)

Club Training Times

NEW Class times
From the 1st February 2018, we are restructuring the class times by reducing the time from 2 hours to 1.5 hour per lesson for BSKC students, we are doing this for a couple of reasons, the first is that we are seeing some students struggle to maintain their concentration levels after 1.5 hours and the second reason, is that, as Instructors, we also must have the chance to train ourselves, this ensures that all instructors deliver the same level of instruction in Kihon, Kata and Kumite to all our students as well as give us the chance to catch up and learn new and or updated techniques, so from 7:30pm to 8:00pm this will be reserved for club instructors..

We can if possible make this time available for all students of brown and black belts who wish to learn advanced kihon techniques and kata or who wish to start looking at becoming instructors themselves.


Gradings with Sensei Kawasoe
In order to achieve a decent standard of performance and to be eligible to attempt rank promotions it is important that students train regularly. Ideally students should commit to training TWICE a week.

Grading exams are held approximately every 4 months and as such, students become eligible to grade for there next belt as and when they have attended the minimum amount of lessons required for that belt as shown in your Notification of Fee’s and Attendance email you signed for.

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